OnRecall letter to MPPs

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Legislative Assembly

Legislative Bldg, Rm. 104
111 Wellesley St. W.

Toronto ON  M7A 1A2



Dear Members of Parliament and Respective Parties;



We are writing to you on behalf of all Ontarians who seek to have competent and fair representation in the Ontario government. We believe that our Members of Parliament should be held accountable to the people of their constituencies. We believe that special interest groups, unions and lobbyists should not be the defining factor in government decisions in creating legislation in which the outcome affects the entire population based on the wants and desires of those minorities. We wish to remind all Members of Parliament of the serious obligations and responsibilities that are assumed when the oath of allegiance is sworn by our elected officials.


Perhaps former Premier of Ontario Mike Harris said it best in 1993: "The oath to the Queen is fundamental to the administration of the law in this country. It signifies that, here in Canada, justice is done - not in the name of the Prime Minister, or the Mayor, or the Police Chief, as in totalitarian nations - but by the people, in the name of the Queen," The oath taken is the way elected members of parliament—who are assuming positions of public trust—promise to carry out their duties patriotically, and in the best interests of the country.


The Federal Court also expressed that giving allegiance to the sovereign was "a solemn intention to adhere to the symbolic keystone of the Canadian Constitution, thus pledging an acceptance of the whole of our Constitution and national life," It may be argued that it strikes at the very heart of democracy to curtail collective opposition and incentive for change by demanding loyalty to a particular political theory. We would like to remind you of this. It is with this oath in mind, that we submit our inquiry to you.


We are seeking your (and your Party’s) position on recall legislation in Ontario.

Do you support the initiative, or do you not support it? In Canada, the recall process is currently unique to B.C. – no other province or territory has a system in place for removing elected representatives from office between elections. In this time of moral and cultural progress, it is time for Ontario to emerge as a leader and provide a defined process for a course of action that citizens can take when their elected official fails to follow through with the discharge of their duties.


We propose a process in Ontario akin to the model currently in use in British Columbia. A voter can only petition to recall the Member for the electoral district in which they are registered to vote. The voter must collect signatures from more than 20% of the previously cast ballots from voters eligible to sign the petition in that electoral district. Applications for recall petitions cannot be submitted to Elections Ontario during the initial 12 months after the Member was elected or 12 months prior to the next election.





We are asking for your support in creating and bringing forth a process through which a registered voter can petition to remove any Member of the Legislative Assembly from office. We believe recall legislation will strengthen the ties between good government and the citizens of Ontario. As its name implies, Recall Legislation will add a layer of accountability.


 The people give their total trust to those they elect, and in that trust there is an unspoken expectation that the elected official has the best interests of their constituents front and center at all times.


The purpose of recall legislation is beneficial to all involved: it keeps our elected officials "honest", and will act as a deterrent to less than fair practices if our elected officials know that should they fail in their elected duties, they can in fact be replaced at the majority vote of the people without waiting for another election.  Further, it will attract candidates who feel they can work within their mandate as expected by the people. This gives the citizens more reason to become involved in the government process that was created for them and by them, for integrity and accountability.


Ask yourself this: when you were not an elected official and those governing you were failing in the discharge of their duties, did you not want a voice, a method of being heard at a level that has some value and importance?


Would you prefer a process in which you were not left feeling a victim, with no course to correct the issue, but rather like a valued and integral part of the process that can effect positive change?


Isn't that what Canadian values reflect? A democracy wherein the people can express their voice in a manner that allows it to be heard and considered?  It is our hope and expectation that you do in fact support recall legislation as a show of faith in the very people that elected you.


Currently we are gathering thousands of signatures in support of recall legislation and intend to present it to Queens Park, with our eyes cast to the 2018 election.  Ontarians throughout history have proven one thing.... when they are unhappy with government, have been ignored and feel as though they are nothing more than pawns being taken advantage of, they will vote for any other party to defeat the current government in a show of solidarity and protest.  Would you want to be known as the elected official that supports Ontarians or lumped into a group of officials resented and ridiculed?


This is your chance to show us that you do, in fact, have the genuine best interests of Ontario families as your aim and support our initiative for recall legislation.











We look forward to your reply in this matter with your stated position on recall legislation.  It is a simple question we are asking.  Are you in favour of recall legislation or not?  Can you say you have the interests of Ontarians at heart for a fair and democratic process for the people, or do you merely follow the party line and expect the people to endure it?







 Robert Weatherall


Ontario for Recall Campaign.



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