Oshawa Whitby By-Election

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Kathleen win has called the By-Election for Oshawa Whitby
It will be held on Feb 11 2016.

The Candidates: (so far)

James Gault of the New Reform Party of Ontario supports Reccall Legislation for Ontario.

The Ontario Libertarian Party favours Recall legislation, but only as part of comprehensive legislation that would give voters and legislators the ability to reconsider previous decisions in the light of new information. Recall could apply to both elected members of the legislature and any legislation that should be reconsidered. We also favour appending “sunset clauses” - time limits, to all past, present and future legislation. In addition, voters and legislators should have the ability to petition the Legislative Assembly for a direct vote, a referendum or plebiscite, by the electorate on a single important political issue.

Greg Vezina of The None of the Above party says: "Voters want 3Rs of DirectDemocracy, Referendum and Recall laws and Electoral and Legislative Reforms for true accountability and transparency."

The Green Party also supports Recall legislation,
“Politics is off the rails in Ontario. The status quo isn’t working, and Greens want to empower citizens to get rid of corrupt politicians,” says Schreiner. “We need a way to get rid of elected officials who betray public trust.” Read entire article here.