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Name: chris garner -> Liked: 0 times.
Doud Ford needs to be stopped now

Name: John Guertin -> Liked: 0 times.
Donald J. FORD is out of control and will cause more grief than its worth. Unfortunately, there are no other leaders available to point to as a better choice. We need a method to reverse a mistake like a conservative majority with a process for recalling as a final oversight

Name: John Guertin -> Liked: 0 times.
I believe the Conservative Party in Ontario is run by a PETTY and narcissistic man-child. He is our version of Trump. He is not who I voted for and will never trust him to do anything unless it benefits him

Name: Jean-Serge Brisson -> Liked: 0 times.
We are at the mercy of politicians for 4 years with no recourse when they deviate from their platform. Recall would resolve that.

Name: Preston Haskell -> Liked: 0 times.
To clean up politics

Name: Debbie Johnston -> Liked: 0 times.
When a politician does all kinds of things they didn't even mention when they running for their position, that means they were not elected on their plans. They were elected on what they told us they were planning to do. They need to be held accountable for completely going against their mandate.

Name: Diane duberville -> Liked: 0 times.
Diane Duberville

Name: Sherry McKeon -> Liked: 0 times.
Never want another corrupt dictator government again.

Name: Kal Commodore -> Liked: 0 times.
It is a necessity in order for democracy to improve.

Name: barbara leblanc -> Liked: 0 times.
I don't understand why these people can't be stopped in there tracks. Get them out of power, no just have to wait while they are making money on the backs of CANADAS PEOPLE

@OnRecall ‪#‎OnRecall
We need Recall Legislation in Ontario
an Added layer of Accountability of the elected MPPs

Brief Description of Recall
" Allow voters recall a politician if they get the support of at least 20 per cent of the people who voted in the last election.

The politician would be removed from office and a by-election would be held. The recalled politician could still run as a candidate."

This process would not mean constant elections nor would it cost the tax payers any money, unless election was called. It would simply give voters another avenue to keep MPPs inline.

So far Party support we have
The New Reform Party of Ontario via Leader James Gault

The Ontario Libertarian Party via Leader Allen Small

The Green Party of Ontario via Leader Mike Schreiner